Granite, Marble and Quartz counter tops are very easy to care for and nearly maintenance free. There are however a few things to remember when caring for your new counter tops.

Never use any acidic products to clean your counter tops. Never use any cleaning products that contain ammonia. We recommend you use either our own brand of stone cleaner or a mild blend of dish soap and water. For sticky messes or stubborn smudges you can use a non-abrasive scotch pad (green) to remove them.

We highly recommend that you purchase a lifetime sealer option from us when you purchase your counter top. This will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance you should be performing. Should you decide to opt out of the lifetime sealer option. We recommend that you seal your counter tops every year with a sealer of your choice.

The most important thing that you can do for your counter top is to clean up messes quickly. This is especially important for marble and other soft materials which are more susceptible to staining.



White marble is one of the hottest trends right now. White marble can look great for years to come as long as you are careful and clean up swiftly. Just like white fabric, white marble can stain. That’s why it is so important you clean up quickly. We recommend you seal your white marble counter top every six months. The lifetime sealer warranty is not available for white marble, however we can apply sealer. We still recommend repeated application of sealer as a precautionary measure.

You can clean the white marble counter top with a solution of warm water and bleach. Bleach will not harm white marble. You can also use soft scrub with bleach for minor staining.

Luckily almost all stains can be removed from all stones should it ever happen. The most important thing to do is identify what has stained the counter top. You will need to mix what is called a poultice. For oil based stains such as cooking oils, pizza grease, lipstick, etc. You will use a combination of cornstarch and paint thinner. For organic stains such as wine, fruit juice, etc you will use a mixture of cornstarch and hydrogen peroxide.
Decide from above which mixture will best suite your stain. Then make a mixture using cornstarch until you have a paste-like consistency. Completely cover the stained area. Cover the everything with plastic wrap and masking tape. Then place a heavy book like a dictionary on top. Let the poultice completely dry. This usually takes a day or longer. When dry scrape away the poultice. The stain should be removed or lighter. Repeat as necessary.